The Best Restaurants Near Rivercatcher North Wales

The Best Restaurants Near Rivercatcher North Wales

Your Guide to Food and Drink in North Wales

A heart-warming stay at Rivercatcher in any season is spectacular (We’re not biased, we’re just that good).

But staying with us during the autumn is especially memorable. Our entire grounds become the epitome of cosiness and warmth, a three course meal of crisp leaves, gorgeous views and log burning cabins. And what better accompaniment to this is there than an actual three course meal at one of the many incredible eateries within the surrounding area? Even if you only fancy one course, a quick snack or an award-winning ale, before dashing back to slip on your complimentary robe and lounge by the hot-tubs for the remainder of the evening.

The Dudley Arms

Being the proud British accommodation that we are, we know that there’s nothing quite as good as popping down to your local pub (there are three wildly popular soap operas on TV built exclusively off that premise).

The Dudley Arms is the perfect location to go off and enjoy some fresh, home-cooked seasonal food – including the popular steak-and-ale pie that’s a winner all year round – with the whole family. It’s located only a short fifteen minute walk away, so you can even treat yourself to a pint of their infamous Station Bitter from the award-winnning Stonehouse Brewery – as no designated driver is required!

At A Glance

  • Trip Advisor Price Range: £5-16
  • Trip Advisor Classification: British, Welsh
  • Perfect for: A hearty, good old-fashioned lunch with the kids. Or a quick beer with your brother.

The Berwyn Restaurant

The Berwyn Restaurant is a traditional restaurant only a short five minute drive away, serving local British and Welsh cuisine, including both meat and vegetarian dinners and a selection of homemade desserts.

It has accumulated consistent five stars reviews on Trip Advisor, for it’s remarkable food, service, value for money and atmosphere – many of these reviews shared by our very own guests here.

At A Glance

  • Trip Advisor Price Range: £15 – £28
  • Trip Advisor Classification: British, Welsh
  • Perfect for: An evening meal with your friends and family and whoever else you can cram into the car (the rest can enjoy the lovely thirty minute walk through Rivercatcher’s surrounding areas).

Tyddyn Llan

If there was such a thing as Michelin star ratings for luxury log cabins then Rivercatcher would most certainly have a few. 

So why not stick to that theme and treat yourself to a Michelin star meal at this highly rated restaurant, with both local produce and international foods to reflect the best dishes of the season – dishes such as the incredible deep-fried stuffed courgette flowers (there’s nothing fancier than eating flowers).

Check out their lunch and dinner menus here

At A Glance

  • Trip Advisor Price Range: £72 – £73
  • Trip Advisor Classification: European, British, Welsh
  • Perfect for: An evening of fine dining out with friends or a worthy crème brulee after a long day of hiking up Snowdon.
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