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My Personal Sanctuary

Posted by admin on March 14, 2017


My Personal Sanctuary - Spa treatments in North Wales


Many of our guests visit Rivercatcher to get away from the day to day stresses of life and enjoy the peace and quiet of the beautiful natural surroundings.  A hike in the fresh air, an exhilarating mountain bike trail, a stroll by the Bala Lake or just a chill out in the hot tub.  Many of these things help to bring back a sense of wellbeing into our lives.    In addition to this a massage treatment can  make us feel good too.   Studies show that regular treatments have positive benefits to your health. Some of these include; boosting energy levels, lowering blood pressure, reduced cortisol levels in the body, muscle relaxation and improve posture.

Rivercatcher has teamed up with My Personal Sanctuary, a travelling spa company who bring the treatments to you in your cottage.  You can relax in your cottage while a fully qualified therapist comes to you.  Spa treatments are available for any age, men or women so everyone can be included.

You can book a block of time that you have with your therapist and then each person can share the treatment time as you wish.   For example, a 3 hour package can be slip between 6 guests who can all enjoy a 30 minute treatment each.  At £210 for 3 hours this works out at £35 per person.   With your own private hot tub in all our cottages you will certainly experience your own personal sanctuary!


The packages are shown below.  Details of the treatments available are on our website Click Here

5 hour package £325, providing up to 15 treatments at £21.67 each  

4 hour package £270, providing up to 12 treatments at £22.50 each

3 hour package £210, providing up to 9 treatments at £23.33 each  

2 hour package £180, providing up to 6 treatments at £30.00 each

1 hour package £120, providing up to 3 treatments at £40.00 each

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