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Local Welsh Produce - Welcome

Posted by admin on November 1, 2016

Local Welsh Produce - Welcome to North Wales


With lots of lovely Welsh produce out there we thought we'd have a little jig about with our Welcome Baskets and give you a few local treats to sample upon your arrival. We are passionate about our Welsh locality and want to share a little taste of Wales.….Enjoy!

Henllan Bakery Bread
Traditional bread made in Denbigh. Having opened the first bakery in 1908, it could be said that the Moore family know a thing or two about baking. We love their bread and wanted to let you taste it for yourselves. If you want more that the local village shop have a fresh delivery every day.

Bodnant Butter
Winner of Gold Star at the Great Taste Awards 2015. The butter is salted and shaped by hand to produce a unique fresh salted butter, reminding many of the butter made in farmhouses years ago. Of course this is a must to spread on your

Pant Glas Bach Preserves
Pant Glas Bach is a smallholding in Axton just outside the village of Llanasa. A Welsh national award winning artisan producer of home-made quality preserves; including chutneys, jams, jellies, pickles, curds and marmalade's. The business is run by Carol and Brian Horwich who believe in using wholesome quality ingredients, 'hand-me-down', traditional and their own unique recipes, enhanced by home-grown & local seasonal crops to produce preserves that you will not find in the supermarket.

Blodyn Aur Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil
Blodyn Aur is the first truly Welsh Rapeseed Oil - Welsh grown, Welsh pressed and Welsh bottled! Blodyn Aur is run by farmers and friends Llyr Jones, Bryn Jones and Medwyn Roberts. Together they have set-up a modern oil pressing facility on Llyr's farm near the village of Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr near Corwen. Blodyn Aur is the superior choice when it comes to health, taste and cooking with a milder enhancing flavour and it adds a wonderful golden colour to food.

Abberffraw Biscuits
Aberffraw biscuits are an ancient Welsh shortbread pressed with a scallop shell and said to be Britain’s oldest biscuit. It’s a basic shortbread that comes in the shape of a scallop shell… legend has it that a Welsh king was holding court in Aberffraw – his wife was walking on the beach there and, spotting a pretty scallop shell, asked for a cake to be baked in the same form. And so the Aberffraw biscuit was born. We’ve had these in our baskets from day one and they are so good we have left them in!

For all you food lovers out there then a trip to Rhug Farm Shop, just 10 minutes away is a must. They have hand-selected over 2,000 products with a real focus on Welsh, local and organic. Here you’ll find a memorable foodie experience at one of the largest organic farms in the UK.  www.rhug.co.uk