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Kitesurfing Adventure

Posted by admin on February 29, 2016

Year of Adventure - Kitesurfing

You will of heard by now that 2016 is the Year of Adventure for Wales.  As promised we will feature some great adventures in North Wales and our first is an adventure that's not for the faint hearted.  

Although your first thought of an adventure may be adrenaline, risky, bold and unusual, it doesn't have to mean this.  It can means discovering new and unusual places, watching wildlife, foraging for edible foods . We will showcase many different types of adventure over the year ahead. 

Simon from Pro Kitesurfing in Rhyl explains what kitsurfing is and what he has to offer

2016-02-06 14.33.14SMALL.jpg

Kite surfing is a water sport that harnesses the power of the wind in a specially designed kite and uses this to propel the kite surfer across the sea on a board known as a kite board. Its a sport for any age or size to get involved in and is easy to learn. To me this sport is very easy to explain "freedom on your feet and the sense of escapism". Its incredibly good for your fitness, you don't have to be strong just understand how the equipment works and learn the basic techniques.

Pro Kitesurfing offers individual or group tuition world wide in all aspects of kite-powered and paddle activities. From basic board control, power-kite flying through to beginner kiteboarding lessons and kite tricks. Kite-powered land and water sports are easy to learn, yet can provide challenges for even the most ambitious people. Based in Rhyl, North Wales our amazing beachfront training centre is the perfect location to learn kitesurfing. Our flat water lagoons make it easy to stand and progress safely and our hot showers for after your lesson really is one of our great assets!

Kite surfing - Also known as kite Boarding. Skimming across the waves and flying through the air, synchronizing with natures elements and providing a splash of colour at the beaches all over the world! Onlookers watch this exciting water sport in awe as the huge kite propels its pilot across the water and high into the sky spinning them around before gently landing them and preparing them for their next move.

2016-02-06 14.32.44SMALL.jpg  


 Don't forget to #WalesAdventure and #FindYourEpic with photos of your adventures.