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Adventures in North Wales: A charming Village – Part two

I pick up my journey from the Tyddyn Llan restaurant where I was tempted to stay for a glass of fizz but pulled myself away and off into the village centre.  If you missed part one then click on blogs to go back to the beginning.

Baring left from the restaurant I walk a few hundred metres and I enter the village centre.  I can see the church in the distance which draws you in. St Trillo’s Church is a beautiful building that can be appreciated whether you are of religious persuasion or not. But before I get there I need to stop off at the local shop and post office. Y Stores or simply The Shop is at the centre of the village and stocks all your essentials and a few extra’s you won’t expect.  Som is the lady of the shop makes her own authentic Thai meals which you can pick up form the freezer and take home for an oriental treat. I have tried the Thai green curry and was very impressed. Som also makes a lovely homemade cakes including lemon drizzle which I have tested (for research purposes only) and this also got the thumbs up from the builders who I shared it with (you have to keep them onside).  

                           church.jpg                Y_Stores.JPG

It’s been all about the food so far but my next stop is something you really won’t expect. Something I admit that I found a little unusual when I first heard about it, but having seen them for myself the Berwyn Mountain Llamas are delightful.  I was warmly invited to explore the local area, whilst walking Llamas……yes you heard me right! What a fun way to entertain the children for the day. I’m sure walking with Llamas will persuade them that a walk in the countryside is enjoyable. We’ll I’m off to see what it’s all about so I’ll let you know how I got on next time.


                           llamatrekking_1_1.jpg               Llamas.jpg   


Progress report on Rivercatcher

Work is steaming ahead and already the idea of how cottage three will look is hinting through the rooms with the internal block work being started. (it helps if you squint). From the outside two of the cottages look like an old lady with a new hat, as the roofs have been completely replaced. While the builders battle on in the wind and rain (and occasional sunshine) I’ve been looking at the 14 bathrooms that need to be designed.  With each bedroom at Rivercatcher being en suite that’s a lot of loo’s and basins to look at!! I’ve got mood boards galore covering my desk at the moment.  I’ve also put some ideas on pintrest so take a look and make a comments as your thoughts are very welcome.


                            buildblog3_1.JPG                Bathroom.jpg

Stay warm and wrapped up and maybe on my next time it will feel more like summer!

Jen x

Posted May 15, 2013